Stay in The Neighborhood Where You Thrive!

Elmhurst, Illinois: Now You Can Delight in It All

At Lexington Square of Elmhurst continue to do the things you’ve always enjoyed. Remain active in local civic affairs. Keep volunteering, and participating in rich artistic opportunities. Or savor the great quality of life. If you’re moving here to be around family or friends, Elmhurst is just 16 miles west of Chicago’s loop and an ideal spot to explore and engage, with everything from Beethoven to boutiques to bowling to bagels. The perfect place to hang your hat!

Small-Town Ambiance, Big-City Flair

One of The Top Places to Live in the Chicago Area

Elmhurst, Illinois, consistently ranks in the Best Small Cities in America. Number one in Illinois for number of parks per capita. Home to museums, galleries, Elmhurst College and Elmhurst University, theatre, restaurants, art festivals, symphony, concerts, coffee shops, and an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences in downtown’s Elmhurst City Centre.


Renee Cerveny, Senior Vice President of Senior Living (Lexington Health Network)

As a Lexington Square resident, you’ll have quick and easy access to multiple recreational, cultural and entertainment venues, including:

Elmhurst Art Museum: with 30,000 pieces of art and McCormick house designed and built by Miles van der Rohe.

Wilder Park Conservancy: 3 acres of plants, art and wildlife

Art in Wilder Park: annual arts festival featuring works by 100+ local artists

Elmhurst Express Trolley: seasonal easy access to popular downtown and area attractions

Illinois Prairie Path: 37 scenic miles for a walk or bike ride

Award-winning Elmhurst Public Library: 300,000 books are just the beginning!

Leadership Team

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Colleen Lesher

Executive Director

Renee Cerveny

Senior Vice President of Senior Living (Lexington Health Network)

Joanna Nunnenkamp

Associate Executive Director of Assisted Living

Yolanda Kuzur

Housekeeping Director

Fiona Walsh

Enrichment Director

Moises Mendez

Maintenance Director

Janet Donovan

Sales Counselor

Alan Bloom

Director of Culinary and Dining Services

Giovanna Garzon

Human Resources Coordinator

Christina Santiago

Health and Wellness Manager

Lenny Trevino

Culinary Director

DeVon Emmanuel

Executive Chef

A Cherished Page in History

The Elm Skating Rink

Every great neighborhood has a great story. Lexington Square of Elmhurst stands on the site of what was The Elm Skating Rink, a beloved feature in the greater Chicago area, where young and young at heart spent many a Saturday afternoon. Devotees (known as “rink rats”) still speak of the enticing aroma of The Elm’s wood floor, as well as the thrilling sounds coming from a massive organ with its 1,000 pipes. From 1956 to 1989, The Elm was the premier rink in the Chicago area.

But in fact, The Elm was more than a skating rink; it was a community. Where families came together and shared happy times. And today, Lexington Square of Elmhurst is more than a senior living community—we are your opportunity to come home again, to a place you already know and love.